Pinterest Project: Love Song Snowglobes

by Andrea on January 31, 2012

Over the last month, I’ve been toying with the idea of how to express a love song without using music. A started down the baking or cooking route but couldn’t come up with anything to really sink my teeth into.  (hee hee)  I then headed towards embroidery, given my current love affair, and still wasn’t thrilled with my ideas.  So then I went the snowglobe route.  I posted about snowglobes a few weeks back and started to get excited about all of the possibilities.

I had seen multiple versions of snowglobes on Pinterest over the holidays with Christmas-y themes.  By why limit snowglobes to fake snow and Christmas.  Swap snow for glitter, and you have a crafty gift for any occasion. To make your own Love Song Snowglobe, pick your song and decide how best to represent the lyrics, your interpretation, or your memories surrounding the song.  Small toys, photos, figurines, felt, or vinyl cutouts will all work great.  Making them (once you get past the mistakes that I made) is really easy and makes for a sweet little Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or just because gift.

For my snowglobes, I started with two of our favorite songs Throw Your Arms Around Me and Falling Slowly. Neither of these are Eddie Vedder originals, but we certainly LOVE it when he collaborates and performs them!  Before anyone says anything about these songs being sad or tragic or fleeting, these love songs have more meaning to us than just the lyrics.

I started with the following supplies: jars, glycerin, fine glitter, laminating film, a Washington State ferry ornament, photos, and a hot glue gun.

For Falling Slowing, I wanted to highlight the part where it takes about pointing home a sinking ship.  Given our area and fondness for ferries, this metal ferry with mountain background was perfect.  I then found photos of the two of us falling (in love) and printed them so that we were each 1.5 inches long.  What I love about these photos and others would never know, is that they were both taken on our honeymoon.  I glued the ferry directly to the lid, but it sat a bit low. I ripped it off, glued it a cork base, and then glued the new improved ferry/mountain scape to the lid.

That was the extent of my success in round one.  The fine pretty glitter hardly floated around and looked mostly dusty.  Additionally, the laminating film was too thin and didn’t provide enough weight to the photos.  Those ended up floating on the surface.

Take two.  I reprinted the photos and had it all laminated at our local copy store.  This time the lamination was much thicker and heavier.  Additionally, I picked up a few more supplies.

Just in case, I was also prepared to hot glue either small pieces of paper clip or staples to the back of the photos.  I also picked up bigger glitter at JoAnn.  While it wasn’t as pretty as the colorful glitter, the tube of bigger silver glitter was only $0.99.

I filled the jar to the very top with water, added a smidge of glycerin, tossed in the mini photos, sprinkled in lots of glitter, and twisted on the ferry lid.  Everything worked like a charm.  The glitter floated around, and the photos sank through the water at a decent pace.

Next up was Throw Your Arms Around Me.  For this one I printed a photo of the two of us hugging and also had it laminated. I left about an inch and a half of white space under the photo in order to fold it under and hot glue that to the lid.  I also printed up six  little ‘andrea’ labels to float around.

Finally I created little labels (aka love notes) to affix to the outside of the lids.

Voilá, you have yourself some Love Song Snowglobes! This was quite the satisfying little project, and I can’t wait to give them to my sweetie!

Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day crafting!

PS – On the Falling Slowly video, seconds 2:00 – 2:16 are particularly swoon worthy!  I love that man!  Fortunately, my husband loves him too, so it’s not awkward.

Today’s post is part of my monthly Pinterest Project series. Each month, I will try out at least one of the Pinterest projects that catches my fancy.  I get so excited about all of the ideas that I see on Pinterest, and then I do nothing with them.  They just sit there, sadly pinned to my boards.  Enough is enough I say; let’s change that!

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