Snuggle In & Knit Your Snow Baby!

by Emily on January 18, 2012

As we’re in the midst of snow-topia here in Seattle, it reminded me that I hadn’t yet shared one project that I completed just before Christmas.  Snow Babies!  These adorable little creatures were a find at a local knitting store, Wild Fibers, in Mt. Vernon, WA in fall of 2008.  (PS-Wild Fibers is an excellent yarn shop and the owner is so gracious in helping you find the perfect project with the perfect yarn!)  I was certain that I’d knit an entire family but forget that you don’t want to think about snow in the Spring when you’re excited about gardening!

Nevertheless, with Mo’s recent interest in cuddle toys, I wanted to create a little something for him to snuggle.  I can’t wait to finish one for my lil Pip too! My goal is to make one for all the kiddo’s….and my grand total so far is…..(hold your hats)….two!

Here he is…sans outdoor wear!

Okay, now we’re ready for sledding!

And all the fun that you can have with these wonderful patterns!

These patterns are from Marie Mayhew of That’s Woolly Something.  I had a question with one of the patterns and she gave immediate feedback that fixed everything!  Just a little knitting technical error on my part.  You can see one of the pattern books is dedicated to hats and another the accessories!  They even show how to knit 3-fingered gloves and a knitting bag for the Snow Lady!

She’s got more patterns to choose from on her site, everything from Fall decor, ornaments for your tree to, garden mushrooms and these little spring cuties!  This might have to be my next pattern investment!

As we prep for a day full of real snowman making, I hope you’ll find these little Snow Babies a great decoration, gift or just quick knit idea!  They are quick to knit and even more fun to dress!

bottom image via That’s Woolly Something


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