A Photobooth Story

by Andrea on February 16, 2012

I’ve got a dealer. A costume dealer.  I call her Sparkly Jane, and the woman has costume pieces for days. Mustaches? Check.  Fuzzy green hats?  Yup.  Wigs? Yes and don’t forget the mullet.  Mexican wrestling belts?  Si.  Every sequin and shoulder pad ever worn on Golden Girls? Well of course, dahling. (At some point during the evening, fully decked out in sequins, half of the party *may* have done an impromptu Golden Girls tribute.  Good times.)

In planning for our sunny party, a “photobooth” seemed oh so apropos.  I love that these are called photobooths, but there is no actual booth.  I picked up 2 yards of sunny fabric at the fabric store and asked my dealer to hook me up with a suitcase filled with costumes.  If you don’t know a Sparkly Jane of your own, I recommend a combination of quick felt accessories and the thrift store.  But don’t you kind of want a Sparkly Jane of your very own?  We set the camera on the tripod and went to town.

Now in order to protect the innocent, you will only see photos of “me” and Emily.  I may have done some (terrible) photoshopping and swapped in my face.  The last two though are totally me.

This is a fun way to add a little whimsy to any party.

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