Adventures in Fruit Exploration

by Andrea on February 22, 2012

Wanting to make some more progress on life list goal #25, I decided to head north and visit an Asian supermarket.  I figured I would strike fruit gold there, and I was not disappointed. Mo and I visited H Mart, a Korean supermarket about 20 minutes north of Seattle.  It was our first time there, and I was pleasantly overwhelmed at their vast selection of produce, seafood, and the wall of roasted seaweed.  The roasted seaweed alone was worth my visit – it was so much better than my two options at Trader Joe’s.

Anyway, back to fruit.  I went exploring and came across not one, but three little fruit gems.

First up were the cutest little guavas, that I’ve ever seen.  They are called Golden Guava.  Make a circle by touching your thumb and forefinger.  That, my dears, is the size of these little guavas.  Their flesh is a pale yellow and is more tart than a common sweet guava.  Think of them as guava’s peppy little brother.  In fact, let’s call them Pepe.

We then journeyed over to the pear section and found two pears that I’d never tried, nor even seen before.  Keeping with the small fruit theme, first up we have forelle pears. They are about two inches in height and are pretty stinking cute.  They are primarily yellow with a pretty touch of blush.  These little ones are sweet and juicy.  Of the three new fruits that I tried, these were my favorite and by far the prettiest.  Let’s call them Fifi.

The last new fruit were fragrante pears. They are similar to Asian pears and come wrapped in the same white foam sleeves.  Their shape is different, but their flavor is just subtly different.  These pears are mildly sweet and incredibly juicy.  I have since seen these at my local fruit stand.  I wonder if they’ve been there all along, and I just walked past them thinking they were Asian pears. And let’s call them Fujita.

Well, this brings my total to 111 fruits out of 500 and my new found hobby of naming fruit.

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