Bits & Bobs We ♥: Awards Shows

by Emily on February 27, 2012

Monday morning bits & bobs and I had an entirely different post planned until I got sucked into the Academy Awards and it just confirmed that I LOVE award shows.  I love watching them, even all the boring speeches and the staged banter.  This is not a new realization for me but just confirmed last night when I got all teary eyed at several of the speeches, the anticipation and the commercials….seriously!

When I was younger, I would have my parents VHS tape the awards shows that went beyond my bedtime!  And….that tape better not get taped over, for I had my stack of award shows for each year.  Isn’t that embarrassing!  Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Oscar’s, oh my! I think the emotion behind it for me is to see what celebrities act like when they’re not acting.  Not that this is their true self, but you can see that some just literally break down and do things that they wouldn’t have dreamed of doing on a stage.

For the Oscar’s last night, I was so pleased to see Ms. Meryl Steep win her third award but it was her speech was so thoughtful and heart-warming. Yes, that one made me tear up.  I think that, as one actor put it in the cameo section, actors put all their heart and soul into these films and this is their affirmation that they did good beyond just their paycheck.   I think there are some smaller named and international actors that make for some really great acceptance speeches too.  Those are the ones that really make me smile when they’re bumbling for words, having never dreamed that they’d win!

The fashion is also fun to watch.  I’m not a huge fashion hound but it is fun to see everyone all gussied up!  I think that Viola Davis looked smashing in her emerald-green dress and Ellie Kemper was stunning in her cooper dress (so unique) that matched her hair!

So yes, I will admit…it is a dream for me to attend at least one awards show in my lifetime.  Now, I’ve just got to get one of my friends or family members to start acting…

Did you watch last night?  Who gave your favorite speech?  Who was best dressed for you?

images via Oscars





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