Bits & Bobs We ♥: Painting with Pip

by Emily on February 13, 2012

We’ve ventured into a new phase with my little one-craft time!  Pip loves it when I say that we’re going to start some sort of craft.  I am thrilled that she’s into it as much as I am.  We thought we’d try a little stamp fun with our fingerprints but I should have known better than to think that she’d stamp right exactly where I wanted her to!  She had a great time putting her fingerprints all over the paper, sofa, coffee table and cheeks without realizing it.

Here’s one of the ideas I had in my head that actually worked!  Mama’s gonna keep this one in her Mommy Book!

Well even more fun than stamps was paint.  We have played with finger paints in the past but this time I broke out the big guns-paint brushes!  She thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to paint with a long paint brush and try to stay within the lines of the hearts that I drew for her.

Over and over she asked why I was drawing hearts on her pink paper and why I wouldn’t let her use orange paper.  I tried to explain the idea of Valentine’s Day and that it was the perfect time to use up all the pink paper in one go (hehehe….bad mommy doesn’t care for pink much!)  No, but really this was a fun activity where she would have painted all day long if it was up to her.

Here are some of her darling little heart cards to mail out!

Thanks for letting me share the bits & bobs that I ♥, painting with Pip!  I can’t wait for the next craft day!

Happy Valentine’s Week!

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