Blog Fav: Parasol Your Wall!

by Emily on February 3, 2012

I just discovered a lovely blog that I’m honestly shocked I hadn’t found earlier!  Honest to Nod is a site full of tips and tricks (meal ideas too), courtesy of Land of Nod.  Now, I really love that store!  I think they have genius kid ideas….but sadly my pocketbook has to give me a reality check.  Their play-spaces and kids room are colorful, educational and have wonderful new twists on old-time favs!

When we got the new magazine this week, I was casually flipping through and saw this colorful picture…

Then the mag tells me to check out how they did it along with other awesome things….SOLD!

Such a clever idea, right?

And look at how nice the wall turned out in the first picture…or even just a small space jam-packed with color delight!

So…this got me thinking about an idea for a very special birthday we’ve got coming up.  It was very motivating and I look forward to sharing how this idea has inspired me to create a new project!  Thank you Honest to Nod and all the collaborators for some great ideas!

Have a wonderful week!  Seattle is cloud free today so I’m hoping this wall-o-parasol has driven any gloomy weather away!

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