Blog Fav: World Map Pouf

by Andrea on February 10, 2012

I often think about giving Mo a Globetrotter bedroom.  This room filled with maps, suitcases, and globes would hopefully instill in him a sense of wonderment and curiosity to get out and explore this great big AH-mazing world!

The latest piece of inspiration came from the British countryside in the form of a world map pouf.

Constança, a Portuguese expat living in Britain, chronicles her adventures in crafting, sewing, decorating, and baking on her Saídos da Concha blog.  She writes each post in both English and Portuguese.  I love learning all sorts of fun crafting/sewing/decorating/baking Portuguese vocabulary that had yet to enter my world.

But back to the pouf.  Can’t you just see a little one lounging on it and wondering what it would be like to explore Argentina, Vietnam, or Kenya? Here’s one more parting image:

Happy weekend daydreaming!

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