Green Gem: Kale Chips

by Emily on February 1, 2012

Just heard of a new snack food craze and I have to say that I’m all for it!  My neighbor talked about kale chips recently and said how easy and great they were.  She herself doesn’t like to eat green veggies (exactly like my Grandpa) but this recipe proved to be far more delicious than she thought!  Even her two-year old gobbled them up.  Pip is a good veggie eater so I wanted to try this new texture out on her and frankly I could use a new snack food too!

Andrea makes delicious kale salads and my brother uses kale in his morning juice so I hope this can be another new exciting addition to gatherings!


1 – bunch of Kale

1-2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Sprinkle with Salt

Heat oven to 350!

Step #1:  Wash the kale and dry really good.  If you don’t get all the water absorbed the kale tries to steam itself in the oven and gets soggy.

Step #2:  Toss and massage kale pieces with olive oil.  Lay out the kale in a single layer on baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Step #3:  Bake in the oven at 350 about 12-17 minutes.  You’ll want to take it out of the oven when the leaves are crispy (almost to the point of shattering) but still a brilliant green.

Step #4:  Sprinkle with salt when you take them out of the oven!  Enjoy!  This plate was gobbled up before lil Pip even emerged from her nap (poor thing!) but not to worry, I made another batch the next day and she couldn’t stop eating them!  Toddler + Adult friendly!  This is really a great snack and it’s just WAY to easy (especially if you buy the already washed, dried, torn up kale pieces)!


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