Knitting Little Friends

by Andrea on February 28, 2012

I recently tried my hand at knitting dolls. (It *may* have had something to do with the fact that I finally got around to sorting my knitting supplies, which I neglected to do during the purge back in June.  And perhaps the fact that I had over 80 skeins of yarn, with no projects in mind for any of them. Lo and behold, when I got around to sorting I discovered that I had yarn in every color of the rainbow. Ai ai ai.)

So back to knit dolls.  I did a little research, settled on this easy pattern from Wee Folk Art, and made the 8in doll.  What I particularly loved about this pattern is that if so inspired, I could knit up an entire family with five bagillion kids.  (Remember – I have 80 skeins of yarn.)

I made my first little darling, for a five month old baby.  I went with a stockinette head and a garter stitch body to create the nubby surface as described in the pattern, I thought her little fingers would like the nubby. I also went with ‘short sleeves’ by knitting 2/3 of her arm in the same cream yarn and stockinette stitch as her head.  I sewed her up the back and stuffed her.  This took very little time – as far as knitting projects go.  I knit her from head to toe in two hours while half watching television.

I found the entire project incredibly satisfying.  With just some basic knitting and stitching skills, I created a snuggly doll.  Woot!  So I quickly found another child in need of a dolly and made my second doll. For this doll, I used stockinette throughout the whole body to create a more streamlined look.  Two thirds of the way up the body, I added a fluffy white yarn to the green yarn and knit three rows in garter stitch to add a cute detail.  I also gave this little girl short sleeves.

To add a little character, I gave both of my dolls hair, eyes, and a mouth.  For the pink doll, I channeled Rachel Green/Jennifer Aniston circa mid-late 90s and gave her a layered do. I cut all of the strands the same length and attached them along four different rows.  Since they were positioned at different heights along her head, I got the Rachel hair cut!

For my second doll, I decided on a long  hair do.  I cut extra long pieces, hooked them into four different rows, and then gave her a hair cut at the end so that they were all the same length.

For the eyes, I was attempting to do a French knot, but that didn’t turn out so well.  The knot ended up too small and hard to see.  So I ended up stitching almost a star pattern until I was satisfied with how they looked.

The mouth was created by embroidering a running stitch on the head.  I then went back over the mouth in reverse to add another layer and provide a fuller mouth.

For both the eyes and the mouth, I started by going through the back of the hairline to hide the bright colored yarn.  It worked like a charm.  You don’t see any blue/green/red yarn on the doll.

I can’t get enough of them!

In my research, I also came across this fairy and this too-cute-for-words-i-can-hardly-breathe giraffe.


PS – These little ladies continue goal #63 of creating handmade gifts for the kids in my life.

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