Let the Colors Run Together

by Andrea on February 8, 2012

Have you heard of The Color Run?  3.1 miles of color madness are coming to 20 cities across America.  It’s a 5K fun run that has two simple rules.  Show up at the start with a white t-shirt… like this:

And finish the race covered in a sea of color… like this:

HA!  Isn’t this awesome?  At every kilometer marker, there will be a group of volunteers ready to shower the runners in ‘magical color dust.’  The first kilometer is yellow; 2nd is green; 3rd is blue; 4th is purple; and the grand finale is Pink!

I had never heard of The Color Run before, but I’m thankful for facebook for keeping me in the know.  Seattle will see the Color Run May 13th, and I’m already putting my team together.  When I asked Emily to be on my team, her first reaction was that we could make/craft team shirts.  The woman is tireless, I tell you!

Happy colorful running!

images  via TCR

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