Parasol Canvas

by Emily on February 15, 2012

Remember that sweet lady we celebrated last week?  The wall that Land of Nod featured in their catalog and awesome blog Honest to Nod?  Yep….that sweet lady B and her parasol party!  Well, I wanted to share with you how I made the canvas.

Step #1:  Spray paint canvas-yellow!

Step #2:  (Here’s my first mistake) Print out your quote on sticker paper.  Then cut out closely to the text.  Pull off the back of the sticker and attach to the canvas….oh wait….this doesn’t attach??  OH NO!!! Scratch that…

Step #2.2:  Okay…I’m self-conscious about my handwriting (surprising I know considering I’m a teacher) and now I have to keep a straight hand and maintain a level line of text on a canvas! Oh dear.  I loved this font called Cinnamon Cake so I tried to replicate it.

Not bad.

Step #3:  Now let’s attach the umbrellas!  I snipped off the wooden toothpick end with these pliers.  I attached just a dollop of hot glue to the end and placed it directly on the canvas.

Step #4:  You have to hold the umbrella in place until it dries straight upright but this is where the fun begins.  Finding your pattern and designing the lengths of the umbrella posts.

Step #5:  When you feel you have enough, you’re done!  You can see from the below picture that I have varying heights on the umbrellas.

Voila!  Parasol Canvas / Umbrella Canvas!

Anyone else thirsty for a margarita about now?  All those little umbrellas!

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