A Parisian Adventure with Kiki & Coco

by Andrea on March 29, 2012

On the same library visit where we discovered Christian the Hugging Lion, we also discovered Kiki & Coco in Paris.  Little Miss Kiki is the young girl, and Coco is her favorite cloth doll. The story follows them on their journey from home to a magnificent vacation in Paris.

What is so delightful about this story, is that it was photographed by a mom on her trip to Paris with her daughter.  She loved the photos so much that she worked with an author to create this children’s book. Genius, pure genius. The book is quite large, and the photography steals the show.

The story itself is quite charming with adventures in their Parisian apartment:

As well as Kiki getting a hair cut in a Parisian salon.  What little girl wouldn’t love that?

In addition to the beautiful journey through Paris, the story also prepares future little travels for a big journey.  It starts with Kiki & Coco heading to the airport and their big airplane ride.

I won’t share the big plot twist; you’ll have to pick this book up for yourself!  I highly recommend this for any little one to help plant the seeds of their budding wanderlust.

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