A Strand of Feathers

by Andrea on March 13, 2012

I’ve been toying with the idea of crafting with feathers for the last several weeks. This little project is just one aspect of a bigger project that I’m not quite ready to reveal yet.  For the feathers though, I wanted to evoke airiness, color, and fun. I figured feathers and hot glue would do the trick.

I picked up a large bag of feathers at Joann Fabrics for under $5.  The range of colors is eye-poppingly awesome, everything from neon to soft pale blues and pinks.  For this project, I went with the bright colors and saved the muted tones for a future softer sweeter occasion.  I also picked up twisted cotton cord and my hot glue gun.  The cotton cord was 420 feet for only $1.99.  Suh-weet!  So far, this project is totally affordable.

Let’s get started. I laid out a paper bag and started hot gluing the cord with just enough glue to cover the length of the feather. If you do more than the length of one feather, the glue will be too cool to properly adhere to the feather.

I then pressed the feather spine down along the cord and once glued, peeled it up off the paper bag.  If you don’t do this little step every single time, then you’ll have big paper chunks clinging to your feathers.  Not so pretty.  As an FYI, I had first tried putting the hot glue on the feather and then pressing the cord along the feather.  This turned out to be one big hot mess, and I don’t recommend it.

Check out my feathers!

Pretty right?  I created a strand 6 yards long in under an hour and a half.  Not too bad. For my final project, I’m going to hang them from the ceiling and not attach them to a wall as shown above.  In creating this strand that will hang from the ceiling, I wanted it to look airy and beautiful from any direction that you look at it.

I’m excited to reveal my full project in just a few weeks, but I think strands of feathers could be used for many different decorations: tween or teenager’s room, bachelorette party, baby shower, nursery, outdoor dinner, backyard patio, or outdoorsy wedding.  Remember there are many different colors in this bag leading to a huge variety of combinations.

As a parting thought, check out the remnants of my project.  Here are the extra glue and feather bits that were left behind on the paper.  Isn’t it pretty? I can’t stop looking at it!  Is it weird to want to frame this?

Happy crafting!

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