Bits & Bobs We ♥: Grown-up Vanilla Wafers

by Andrea on March 5, 2012

The smell of Nilla Wafers and coffee takes me back, way back, to third grade.  Each day during Reading, Ms. Storino would sit on a stool reading some book excerpt while drinking coffee and eating Nilla Wafers.  The combination of the two smells are completely comforting to me and always remind me of Ms. Storino.  Have you ever dipped a Nilla Wafer in coffee?  Yum!

These days though, I try and avoid both partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.  This means that Nilla Wafers strikes out on both accounts and ends up being a no go.  But wait… once again, Trader Joe’s comes to the rescue! Ta-dah!

I spied these Ultimate Vanilla Wafers for the first time during last week’s shopping trip and snatched up a tub faster than you can say wafer.  And the verdict?  Their Ultimate Vanilla Wafers are the grown-up version of the original.  The vanilla flavor is more delicate, and they are slightly crunchier compared to the airier originals. But there was one more important test…

Heaven! They are delicious when dipped in coffee!  Since purchasing the *first* tub, I went back and picked up my second (pictured above) over the weekend.  They are that good.

Anyway, I typically love all (or most things) that Trader Joe’s gives me, and this is no exception!



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