Blog Fav: Feeling a Little Girly

by Emily on March 2, 2012

Call it spring lust or perhaps just ready to start some fresh, new projects, but I’ve been noticing a lot more great girly ideas that I can quite get out of my head!

For one, the lovely Jordan from Oh Happy Day shared her spring mom wardrobe and I have fallen in love with her shoes!  I used to be a real Imelda Marcos when it came to shoes but I’ve resorted to pure comfort which isn’t always the cute choice.  Thank you Jordan for letting me fall in love with a new pair!  And thank you internet advertising for showing me this pair on nearly every single blog I visit (isn’t that an amazing feat that “they” can follow you around after just one little click)!

Next up, this bedroom is making me feel like I should take control of the toy/doll/not-so-baby anymore clutter that is creeping through Pip’s room.  This is just beautiful and I certainly know the clutter will be back, but maybe a storage solution is in order!  And a finish to the paint job that never was completed after we moved in.  I’m looking for some inspiration and this room was just lovely!  Thank you Chris from Just a Girl for this kick-start!

These are my blog-land favs of the week!  I hope you’ve also found some inspiration in your reading this week too.

Happy Weekend!

images via Oh Happy Day & Just a Girl


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