Blog Fav: Hot Tub Boats!!!

by Andrea on March 9, 2012

Last Friday, I wandered past the Kitchen at work and was introduced to the concept of Hot Tub Boats.  No, really!  Here’s your visual.

We came to the conclusion that this had to be one of those late night drunken ideas…. ‘hey, you know what would be rad? a hot tub on water.  a hot tub boat!’  Unlike most late night drunken ideas, this one falls into the category of brilliant!  Seriously brilliant, ESPECIALLY if you live in Seattle, where there are approximately five days a year warm enough to motivate you to swim in any of our lakes. This idea just extended swimsuit/boating activities for five additional months in our fair city.  Sunny and 62 degrees in May? Hot tub boat.  Drizzling, overcast, and 65 degrees in June? Hot tub boat. Last ditch desperate grasp at Summer at the beginning of October? Hot tub boat.  You see where I’m going with this….

And if the basic concept wasn’t enough, you get to invite five of your friends to join you and enjoy chilled beverages compliments of two coolers on board.

I eagerly shared this brilliant idea with Brian and Emily at the same time.  Much to my dismay, they both thought it was gross.  Neither of them thought it was something they would want to do. What?!?  What part of hot – tub – boat – in – Seattle do they not understand?  Sad.

But you may be wondering why I’m talking about this as my ‘blog fav’ for the week.  Well, let me tell you!  (Validation here I come!)  I was cruising around Apartment Therapy yesterday, in order to cast my Homies votes, and I saw that APARTMENT THERAPY BLOGGED ABOUT HOT TUB BOATS!  Ha! So for all of you Seattlites who are in my boat (har har), check out this company who will soon be taking reservations for Lake Union boat rentals.

Happy weekend!

image via Hot Tub Boats

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