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by Andrea on March 23, 2012

Last year, I decided on Mo’s birthday party theme in February.  Mind you, his birthday is in August.  It just happened that way.  I had a big event at work, and the idea just came to me.  I was going to do a rainbow party, and I did most of brainstorming during some downtime that day.  This year – guess what?  Same event, also still in February, and while I was making my bed before work, it came to me.  Perhaps I’m weird, and it’s not like I was actively trying to decide the theme six months in advance, but when it comes to you, you have to run with it!

While I had a lot of fun planning and creating last year’s party and hope to do the same with this year’s party, it is far far far from perfect, professional, or fabulously photographed.  If you want to see some of that, you’ll have to visit Kara’s Party Ideas.  I die every time I visit.  I then have to remind myself that many of them are professional styled, and I can just visit the site for overall inspiration.  Given that birthday parties are on the brain, I hoped over this week and found two in particular that tickled me pink.

The first one was inspired by One Charming Party’s Pajama Glam Party, just like B’s birthday party last year!  Aren’t these photos insane? And I mean that in a good way.  I love the ‘bed’ tables!

The second party was an airplane theme party for a little boy.  While I’m not into airplanes, I loved the travel details incorporated into the party and could see using them for a future party.  In particular, the baggage claim with luggage gifts was darling and the boarding pass invitation rocked it as well!

I am totally supportive of birthday parties that have balloons and cake.  Period.  But isn’t it kind of fun to be inspired by some of these fabulous parties as well?

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