Cafe Play Time with Toddlers

by Emily on March 6, 2012

I know what you’re thinking, a cafe with toddlers might not exactly be play time.  Maybe more like overdrive child wrestling, never finish a sentence, did I even get to order a drink time?  No really, I’m serious here!  A few weeks ago, Andrea and I cashed in on a “daily deal” that was offered last June (gasp, I know) that I was just getting around to using.  We ventured out of our normal day off of work routine to mix it up at Twirl Cafe on Queen Anne.

If you haven’t heard of Twirl Cafe before, you might still be reading in confusion about a cafe experience with a couple of active toddlers.  Twirl Cafe is a beautiful space with a classic, modern cafe, seating for conversation/work/reading and more importantly a fantastic play area that is fully contained.  Think about sipping a tasty Zoka coffee, using real silverware on real plates to eat the daily quiche, all whilst your wee one is playing with trains, climbing the indoor tree-house, or pretending to cook in the little kitchen.

The play area has both an open play time as well as supervised play with an experienced child care provider if you need some serious alone time to finish the last book of Harry Potter (hmmm….maybe this is how I finish that darn series)!

In addition to the play time, there are also several local classes that are held in this clean, airy space; anything from parenting courses and mommy only exercise to language development for your toddler.  And when we’ve hit happy hour, the cafe offers a selection of beer and wine.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I recommend dropping by for some playtime or cup of coffee.  Play area rates do apply, unless you are purchasing enough food to waive the fee.  I’ve got a couple of punches left on my card and hoping that Mo would like to join Pip for another morning playdate.

Also, great chairs out front!

I love exploring new places like this local, Queen Anne gem!  Do you know of any other great coffee shops that also have space for little ones?

image via Twirl Cafe

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