Our Little Gems Turns One!

by Andrea on March 21, 2012

Can you believe it?  We can’t!  Our Little Gems turns one today.

Last year, we decided to try our hand at blogging, and here we are a year later. We’d been reading blogs for several years and talking about starting our own for a couple of years, and then we stopped talking about it and started writing.

Thinking back on the last year, we have learned a TON and keep learning from other bloggers, our readers, and each other.  Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way:

1. Try and take nice photos when possible, and knowing what you’re doing in Picasa or Photoshop doesn’t hurt either.
2. Add captions to our photos because pinteresters like them as a reminder of why they pinned the photo in the first place.
3. Go with the flow when Mo and Pip are around. The photo for this post was going to be of a cupcake that I picked up to share with Emily in celebration of our blogiversary. I even picked up a cute little ‘1’ candle to light and blow out.  This morning as I’m packing lunches, I hear Mo say in his sweet little voice, ‘Mommy?’  I look down, and there is chocolate frosting all over his face, hands, and shirt. Mind you, he hadn’t even had breakfast yet. He went into my bag, picked out the cupcake box, opened it up, and started licking the frosting. Looking down in equal parts of disbelief and amusement, I asked him if it was good. He beamed and said, ‘Yea.’
4. Plan out our posts in advance, because last minute posts are a tiny bit scary to read in the morning.
5. Take a break between Christmas and New Year.  Our break this year was decided day of, but it was really nice to take a little breather.
6. Attend blog conferences.  Our one conference last year was a great way to get inspired, network, and learn all sorts of things we’d never even thought about. We only wish there were more on the west coast.
7. It’s okay to share our random loves (Pearl Jam, Converse shoes, Sing Off, crochet), because there is someone else out there thinking the same thing!
8. As scared as we were to share Our Little Gems with facebook, our friends and family have been incredibly supportive of our stories and adventures.
9. Making connections with readers is fabulous and incredibly satisfying.  If you are a blog reader and have never commented on a post, we invite you to comment on some of your favorite blogs.  It really means a lot to the bloggers that you love to visit on a regular basis.
10. Having a blog co-conspirator rocks!  We are in awe at how so many bloggers write daily posts all on their own.  Doing this with each other has not only been fun and motivating but has helped tremendously in those moments when we suffer from writer’s block. There are days when we call each other *thinking* that we have finally run out of ideas, only to be reminded of ten new possible post ideas.

That’s our little recap.  We are having a blast handcrafting this artisanal blog and want to thank you for coming along for the ride. We are excited for a second year full of little gems!

image via pinterest


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