The Fabulous Watson Kennedy

by Andrea on March 15, 2012

The other day I was walking around the Pike Place Market with little Mo, when I stumbled upon a Watson Kennedy storefront.  I knew of the other Watson Kennedy, closer to Pioneer Square, but had no idea that this little gem was tucked away in the courtyard of Inn at the Market.  Turns out, this little store was the original opening in 1997 and focuses on fine living.

The second larger store on First and Spring focuses on making a fine home.

The goodies you find at both of these places are delicious, delightful, and completely desirable.  On this most recent visit to the Watson Kennedy at the market, they carried an eclectic mix including Claus Porto soap, London themed subway art, whimsical stationary, and a canvas bag that had about 20 different mustaches printed on it. Also, instead of dividing the store up by type of product, it was arranged by color.  Eye candy!  I, of course, was drawn in the assortment of green goodies, but the colorful adventure continued as we journeyed around the store.  Even little Mo seemed interested, and thankfully well behaved.

It’s easy to get lost here, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to touch and inspect everything. And really, the location can’t be beat. It’s 1/2 a block up from the Pike Place Market with french bakeries, fresh produce, and the original Starbucks within skipping distance.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, Sir Ted Kennedy Watson himself, writes a daily blog sharing people and books that inspire him, new arrivals at the store, or just general musings on living the fine life.

images via Watson Kennedy

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