Warm Arugula Salad: My Go-to at Home Lunch

by Andrea on March 7, 2012

When I’m at home around lunch time and little Mo is down for his nap, my most satisfying lunch option is my arugula salad.  I’ve been enjoying it for about six months now and am blissfully content each and every time I enjoy it.  For those of you in a rut and looking for new lunch (or dinner) options, give this a go.

First off, gather your ingredients:
– arugula
– cheese (I use extra sharp cheddar)
– eggs (1 or 2)
– mini tomatoes
– fresh ground pepper
– fresh ground salt

Those are the minimum requirements for me.  Sometimes, I also add radishes or avocados.

First layer your cheese on the plate.  I like the kick in extra sharp cheddar, but you can substitute any strong cheese.  Next, cover your plate with delicious peppery arugula.  With your base ready, fry up 1 or 2 eggs sunnyside up.  Most days I opt for two eggs, but go with what you’re in the mood for.  While those are cooking, wash your tomatoes.  You’ll want the last few steps ready to go the second your eggs are done.  Once your eggs are sunny, place them on your bed of arugula.  Sprinkle your tomatoes on your salad, and freshly grind salt and pepper to taste. Voilá!

Enjoy immediately (hence me making this when Mo is napping and no/little chance of interruption).  There is no need for dressing because the yolk will provide the necessary dressing. The warm egg will warm both your arugula and soften the cheese.  The combination is quite delicious.

Bon appetite!

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