Bits & Bobs We ♥: Cherry Tree Blossoms

by Andrea on April 2, 2012

As Seattle briefly emerged from Winter today and flirted with Spring, I went for a walk through these amazing Cherry Tree blossoms on the University of Washington Quad.

As I did a little research for this post, I learned that these 30 trees were replanted to this location some 30 years after their first home at the Arboretum.  I also learned that these little trees were purchased for a $1.25 a piece, and that people make travel plans from around the world to come see these gorgeous trees.  Well if today is any example, I believe the later. While the Quad saw it’s fair share of students soaking up the sun, it was also filled with visitors and many a stroller cruising the crisscrossing paths.

Maybe this will surprise you as it did me, BUT, even the UW Cherry Trees have a Pinterest board.  Of course they do!  So hop over to see a video and more lovely photos.

Finally my research also dispelled one of my favorite facts about the UW.  It turns out they were not planted in the shape of a ‘W’. Really?!?  It sure looks that way from the ground, and I’m sure some campus tour guide shared that fun fact with me along the way.

If you are planning a trip to Seattle and would like to see these beauties, I recommend late March – early April based on my ten years of spending time on campus. But there is no guarantee of course. I remember the year they were in full gorgeous bloom in late February.

Hopefully you are enjoying cherry tree blossoms or blossoms of another variety in your corner of the world!

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