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by Andrea on April 6, 2012

I have been looking forward to writing this post all week.  Be forewarned, you are about to see 5000 photos, because I can’t even begin to narrow them down.  I am not sure how I hadn’t thought to write today’s favorite before, but I am beyond giddy to share it with you.

Drum roll, please…..  The Daily Puppy!

It’s as good as it sounds!  Everyday the blog features a new puppy in all of it’s glory.  If you have never visited this site and you have a heart, be prepared to have your heart (and you, for that matter) melt into a gooey puddle of puppy love craziness.

The blog is too TOO too much, but it’s so gooooood! Aren’t these photos stupidly cute?

On the homepage, they will just feature one photo of the featured pup with his or her name.  But once you click on their name, you get five or six more photos of them sleeping, running, laying in the sun, playing with their favorite toy, or lavishly hanging out on some furniture.  So cute!  Ahhhhhhhh… I’m melting just looking at these photos that I’m posting!!!

In addition to checking in on these puppies to make me happy, my friend and I have been channeling the pups to send messages back and forth. For example, I’ll send her this photo, and say: Hank wants to go for a walk with you. (And BTW, I’ve just realized that Hank is an awesome doggy name!)

Or she’ll send me this photo and say, Bear heard you’re having a bad day and recommends shaking it off.

It’s totally silly, but these little emails certainly make me smile.

As you head off for your weekend activities, I wish you sweet puppy hugs and kisses!

images via The Daily Puppy: Arnie, Pixel, Ozzie, Luna, Yoshi, Riggs, Hank, Bear, Scout, & Santi

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