Curb Appeal

by Emily on April 19, 2012

I think I’m still recovering from a busy week of yard prep, gardening, planter construction and fence building!  I had mentioned earlier that stage #1 of our fence building to enclose our yard was done the first weekend of April.  Our yard looked like a tinker toy set mid-play until this last weekend when the fence was completed.  I can’t wait to share it with you very soon when we’ve got the trellis complete!

After our fence posts went up, we had one far corner of the yard that was sloping downward to the neighbor’s house.  To help alleviate the problem, I asked my parents if they could come down to help move rocks and dirt around to level off the corner.  The only rocks that would could salvage from our yard happened to be the ones containing our front planter for flowers.  Here’s an old photo from when we first moved in but you get the idea of the previous “look”.

My mom is a master in the yard and before I knew it, all the rocks were taken to the far corner, stacked perfectly to help make a nice level backdrop for the fence and we were working on the plan to put the front planter back in order.  Here’s our little helper…

Last spring, Sid and I reworked our side yard/driveway with new bricks from Lowe’s and we love the result.  Luckily my math was way off and I had a lot of leftover bricks.  Here you can see the idea, plants just coming in now and filling it all out!

With the absence of my rockery planter, we decided to use the bricks in the front and amazingly we just about had enough.  Just short 10 bricks and one quick trip to Lowe’s to fill in the gap (along with a few lovely filler flowers too I might add).  And so, here’s the start to reviving our curb appeal….front planter complete!  Just re-seeded the area around it so grass will grow back in!

I look forward to showing you the stages of the fence!  I’m pretty much in love with it and it doesn’t hurt that each time I walk into the yard I get a whiff of the wonderful cedar smell!

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