Enjoying Lupin Beans

by Andrea on April 4, 2012

Have you ever had a pickled lupin bean / lupini bean?  If the answer is no, boy are you missing out!  This salty little snack is one of my all time favorite things to eat whilst in Portugal.  In Portuguese, they are called tremoços.  You may not be able to tell from this photo, but these little beans have a white skin around them.  Some of my lazier cousins eat them with the skin, but I recommend eating them sans skin.  By applying a little pressure and a rubbing motion with your thumb and forefinger, you can get them to quickly pop out.

Many of the bars and restaurants in Portugal just bring them out, for free.  Yup.  I would of course pay for them, but oftentimes you don’t even have to.  And if you want to maximize your local flavor explosion, I highly recommend accompanying these with a freshly poured draft of Super Bock.  (Now do you see why it’s one of my favorite things to eat whilst in Portugal?  I really prefer them with the Super Bock which are not found in fair Seattle.)

Sometimes, when I really miss them, I will head down to the Spanish Table at Pike Place Market to pick up a jar of them.  If you live elsewhere and would like to track some down, I recommend Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern grocers.  According to wikipedia, you can also track some down in Chicago’s Little Italy and New York’s Spanish Harlem.

Whether you enjoy them with a Super Bock or not, I highly recommend this salty briny little snack… especially if you can enjoy them outside on a sunny afternoon.  Pure bliss!

image was taken by me at the café at Praia das Pedras Amarelas in Lavadores, Portugal

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