I’m Not Young

by Andrea on April 26, 2012

If you listen to any pop music or ever listen to radio stations that don’t have the letters N, P, and R associated with it, you have likely heard the song, ‘We are Young.’  I am convinced that this will be the theme song for every high school graduation this year, but that is beside the point.

Thanks to facebook, I was introduced to a *slightly* modified version of this song… ‘We’re Not Young.’  My friend said she didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, and I completely agree.

This song NAILS my age group on the head. Some of the comments that really cracked me up due to either personal experience or that of close friends:

– My friends are all parents now
– Dinners with cheese plates
– College was ten years ago
– Maybe I’ll… start a blog
– Gonna stay at home and watch Modern Family
– Words with Friends
– Yoga teacher training tonight
– Tonight we are scared

If you are 30 something and want a good chuckle, check out the video by SketchY.



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