Run, Jump & Bouce the Energy Out!

by Emily on April 5, 2012

As some of you are wrapping up Spring Break and others are just counting the class periods, I thought I’d remind all of you about a great opportunity to run, jump and bounce with your little ones (yep only 5 and under) in a safe, colorful and wonderful setting.  Seattle Gymnastics Academy has four sites and each of them host Indoor Playground at least once, if not twice during each day at each facility (Lake City-2, Ballard & Columbia City).  It is so much fun and really ensures a great nap around our house…for Pip and Mom!

Yes this is a gymnastics training facility but there are so many safe and fun options for the little ones to practice their balance, hanging, swinging, running, jumping and tumbling skills.  Crucial for life, right?  A couple of the popular areas are the foam block pit with swings and slides into and Pip’s absolute favorite the Tumble Track, a 30 foot long trampoline!

I do like that the age is limited to 5 because I think there can be some older kids that attempt some daring maneuvers that lil Pip watches and will either try to imitate or fears.  Parents are required to attend with their children to respect the overall rules and manners required when there are lines and directions you must walk through obstacle courses.  There are also at least 3-4 staff members present to make sure that the equipment is used properly and turns are properly taken.

How much you ask for this little gem of an outing?  $6 for a one-time entry or 6 punches for $30 or 13 punches for $60!  We’ve never officially joined any kind of class, other than swimming lessons, but I think that Pip finds the joy in just running wild for a good hour and trying out as much as she possibly can.  It’s pretty common that after 45 minutes she says, “okay, I’m all done!”  I just have to be prepared to have a snack in the car before she falls asleep for her nap.

After taking a couple of our friends to the Indoor Playground last summer, the dad went up to one of the staff members and said “when is parent’s only night”!  It does look like so much fun I wish I could bounce my way down the Tumble Track too!

Give it a whirl!  Enjoy!

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