The Lovely Books of Jan Brett

by Emily on April 11, 2012

The Easter Bunny just brought Pip a new book for her Jan Brett collection and I am amazed once again!

Jan Brett is not only is a wonderful children’s author, but her illustrations are out of this world!  The detail and secret gems hidden throughout her books are a delight for little ones and their parents alike.  We were first introduced to these books by our friend who is an elementary school teacher.  She indicated that they were some of her favorite books to read to her class.  The collection that she gave Pip had four of Brett’s most admired stories:  Gingerbread Baby, The Mitten, The Hat and The Three Snow Bears.  While we first shared these stories during the winter holidays, they are now a permanent fixture  in our reading routine anytime of year!

One of the things that I learned first about her writing is her desire for kids to learn about prediction.  She often illustrates in the sidebar of the page with little clues as to what is happening outside the illustrated scene and what we’ll see next happening in the story.  See the little sidebar Gingerbread outline with details of what little Matti is doing while his sisters chase the Gingerbread Baby around the well in the main scene?

While learning a bit more about Jan Brett’s colorful history as an author/illustrator, I was thrilled to see that one of her passions in life is to travel and learn about different cultures, costumes, animals and stories to share in her books.  You can just see the detail when you read a story like the Three Snow Bears that she has actually traveled to the Arctic Circle and seen with her own eyes the magical traditional dress.

I had never been to her official website until recently and was overjoyed with the amount of detail she shares!  She’s developed learning tools like flash cards, board games, coloring pages, alphabet tools, and bulletin board letters, numbers, days, months, shapes (oh my)!  This website is loaded with so many helpful (and FREE) tools in teaching your children the basics all illustrated with her wonderful characters!  Here’s a little coloring book sample….Hedgie on a Spring Bike Ride!

Check out the website and book at a local library and we hope you enjoy as much as we do in our home!

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