Alphabet spheres

by Emily on May 3, 2012

Have you seen these lately in numerous home decor stores/site?  Like Pottery Barn, Ballard Design, Pier 1, TJMaxx, Michaels?

Well I think I’m a little sad about that.  Andrea and I were antiquing a month ago and all the antique shops had a bowl of these ABC balls in them.  After seeing them in a couple of shops, I decided to hunt out letters in our little family.  The only ones I’ve found so far are the W and a G.  So, thinking that I was buying some cool antique decor item, I’m now sad to hear/read that they’re selling them for a fraction of the price in lots of other stores.  I thought this would be a fun item to search around for and collect along the way.

Maybe what drives me more crazy is that I can’t figure out the history behind them!  Are they really vintage bingo balls?  Or typography spheres? Or did somebody just jump on the typography fad wagon?  Or do they have some history?  While I searched and searched and sadly am still searching, I have found that there are a lot of blogs out there that instruct you on how to make some DIY balls.  Some of them look just like the ones that I bought….have I been had?

Does anybody know what these were used for if they’re selling in an antique shop or do I have to head back to Snohomish to ask?  Regardless I love the way they look displayed in homes.

What do you think?  DIY, home decor store or antique?

images via Pier 1 and Homebody Holly

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