Bits & Bobs We ♥: First Camping Trip of the Summer

by Andrea on May 28, 2012

I truly truly love the first camping trip of the Summer, and this year we got to spend it with Pip, Emily, Sid and a ton of other friends.  Over the weekend, we camped out at Silver Lake in order to cheer on Pip and Mo’s dads at Ski to Sea. Silver Lake is huge and gorgeous, and with very large camping sites, you certainly don’t feel like you are on top of your neighbors.

Here are Mo and Pip eating dinner:

And the two of them checking out one of the tents:

Brian and I tend to be pretty minimal campers as most of our past camping experience has been through backpacking.  But with little Mo now and seeing Pip’s grandmas’ enviable camping setups, I’m excited to make our camping experience a bit more robust this year.  The first thing on the agenda is picking up one of these for Mo. He was lusting after Pip’s and kept trying to sit in it.

While Mo was terribly excited once we headed to our tent for the night (i.e. running around the inside of our tent instead of falling asleep):

He slept through the night and was more or less in the same spot the entire time.  You know what this means, right?  Successful camping overnight with a toddler!

As I mentioned, the dads were part of team Half Fast (say it really fast) for the 39th edition of Ski to Sea that starts up at Mt. Baker with the cross country ski leg.  Then we have downhill skiing, running (Mo’s dad):

Then road biking (Pip’s dad):

Then onto canoeing, mountain biking, and kayaking in Bellingham Bay to finish. A big ole congratulations to team Half Fast who took 4th place in the recreational division for their first time at this race!  Thanks to Sid for putting together the team and dreaming up this weekend adventure!

This was our first time at this race, and we were incredibly impressed with how the race organized the insane logistics of it all.  A big kudos to the organizers and hundreds of volunteers that made it possible!

Hope you got outside and enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend!

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