Blog Fav: Stencils & Good Laughs

by Emily on May 25, 2012

I know, I’ve done it again….two favorites this week.  I couldn’t help it.  When you find a good idea but then laugh a big guffaw sometimes Blog Fav just deserves 2.  And so I introduce the awesome idea from Becky at The Crafting Chicks!  She has picked up some vintage Pyrex a local thrift store and stenciled it with some eye-popping colors of the Martha Stewart paint line.  A great way to dress up some dishes for serving delightful treats!  She made it really clear in her comments section that she also sealed the dishes, after paint, with a food safe sealer.  Brilliant!  And just to be sure, she’s going to hand wash the dishes and make sure that none of the paint is coming off.

My other favorite this week links back to my Monday post about Modern Family at Disneyland and I just couldn’t help to think that Mitch & Cam might have had similar dialogue in their head about this.  Well, maybe just Mitch.  But the lovely T over at Sellabit Mum writes a hilarious post about the 5 stages of Planning a Disney Vacation.  Oh dear….I just died!  She is really funny!  I’m going to read her daily to make sure I get a good laugh!  Thank you T for your humor.

Happy Friday & I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!






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