Blog Fav: Succulents & Laundry

by Emily on May 11, 2012

I know, you’re wondering what on earth am I talking about!  Well, I found two great posts this week that I wanted to pass along.  Usually pass-on-worthy to me means that I want to make this immediately. If only my family wasn’t sleeping I’d be hammering away.

Let’s start first with a little (or large) DIY project for the laundry room.  This is almost exactly what I’ve been thinking about in my head for our laundry room.  Thank you Just a Girl for passing this along to your readers!  You did an awesome job!  We’ve got walls surrounding the laundry area now (an update since it was front and center in the basement), and now Sid has built a lovely IKEA cabinet to hold all the cleaning goods with beautiful countertop for folding/ironing (yes, Mom, I’m trying to trick myself into liking to iron!).  But all that leaves no floor space for our dirty laundry to rest before the cleaning process begins.  What I thought I might do is to have Sid build a pedestal like this with 2 openings for laundry baskets.  Then they’re tucked away beneath the unit.  This is a great visual for me and helps to explain what I’m thinking.  Love it! It’s so pretty even without the handles!

Then it leaves me with one of my favorite types of plants…succulents!  You might remember when I DIY’ed the old dilapidated bird bath?  They are so happy in there now and spreading like weeds, which I am also very happy with.  This succulent idea comes via Tatertots and Jello from Shabby Beach Nest for a succulent beach wreath.  It’s just a great idea to pass along and I’d like to try it choke full of succulents!  Makes for some good garden art if I can keep it alive right?  My thought is that if it’s stationed outside where our Pacific Northwest weather can water it, it will live.  Thank you for the tutorial….again, I want to start this right now!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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