Desserts that Make You STFU/STFD

by Andrea on May 10, 2012

The topic of today’s post came to me when discussing the finer points of Pinterest with a friend. She had recently pinned this photo, which was quickly repinned many times over.

via pinterest

Why yes indeed, those are Nutella fudgesicles.  (I know!  Aren’t you ready to repin this?)

Her concluding insights on Pinterest were that 1. Pinterest users above all love food pics with recipes and 2. Nutella is God.  Agreed.

So I thought, what other Summer drool-worthy desserts are floating around Pinterest that, as she so eloquently put it, make you STFU.  Here are a few that stopped me in my tracks, and I can’t wait to bust out these coming months.

First up, what do you think about frozen fruit pops and Prosecco?  Sign me up!  And so pretttttty.

via pinterest

Next, aren’t these individual lemon souffles so stinking cute! I bet they are delicious too!

via pinterest

I’m particularly drawn to these frozen fruit pops.  They are so beautiful… plus you could use them with the Prosecco recipe above. BONUS!

via pinterest

And wouldn’t these be fun to have at a party or to give as a gift?

via pinterest

Finally, these little innocent looking watermelon wedges are in fact infused with Tequila and Triple Sec. Thank you, Martha!

via pinterest

Well with that, I wish you a very sweet Thursday!


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