by Emily on May 1, 2012

Sometimes a quick trip to Target can make me queasy with the thought of how much money I can spend in a very short amount of time on “essential” items.  It can seriously suck me in.  It might be one of my favorite stores to wander sans Pip.  But I was happy to find a quick little experiment in the Dollar Spot last week.  Man I love those little $1 finds!

Enter Grow-an-Animal Capsules!  This was such a fun experiment for Pip.  And when you divide up the capsules, it’s a really great rainy day activity that can last awhile (if you’re like me and make sure you give the animals “growing time”)!

Stage #1- Capsules….enthusiasm builds, excitement is almost unbearable for a 2.5 year old!  What color will make each animal?

Stage #2-  Oh look….what animals are growing inside our little test jars?

Stage #3- Shake them, stack them, twist and turn to try to figure out what animal is growing in the jar!

Stage #4- After all animals have grown up, lay them out and go through their shapes.  A good learning tool to practice animal shapes.  Even Mommy had a hard time distinguishing goat from cow in this lot!  One side warning, keep away from cats!  One poor yellow animal was torn from the group by a feisty orange cat who thought it would be fun to bat around.  Not sure where that animal is now!

A dollar well spent!  I highly recommend the Grow-an-Animal kit.  I have no idea how long they’ll last but at least they’re some good fun right now!





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