Pens, Paper, Erasers…Oh My! A visit to Uwagimaya!

by Emily on May 23, 2012

You’re probably thinking, what are you doing in the stationery section of Uwagimaya?  Yes, I’m no fool when it comes to their amazing selection of food but for this post I wanted to share the delights in the Uwagimaya Bookstore!  There’s books, gifts, trinkets galore but my favorite section is all things that have to do with stationery.  They’ve got the absolute best selection of pens, folders, tape, stapler, cool gadgets and erasers a girl (who lusts over July school supplies in Target) could ever want.

Let’s start here…pens and pencils.  All the colors, textures, ink styles you could ever want!  You want a flow-y writing pen (yes that’s a technical term, those of you who hoard pens know what I’m talking about)?  They’ve got it!

Now that we’ve been writing, let’s take a look at what happens when mistakes are made….erasers in every shape you could possibly want!

You want a closer look don’t you….A-Mazing! I’ve always wanted a spatula eraser!

Then there’s the gadgets, some of which I don’t understand the writing on the packaging and cannot figure out by merely looking at the product but that’s okay. I’m sure it’s cool and a lifesaver or at least a time saver!  Like Staple-Less Staplers?  Don’t know how that works but look at all the colors the stapler comes in! The green would sure look nice in my craft cave!

We can’t start stapling without talking tape…look at these yummy colors and patterns!  I’m not sure what I’d tape other than maybe forget the wrapping paper, I’ll just tape your gift together!

And finally, would you look at the selection of folders!  They have beautiful artwork covering them and most of them seemed to be in a very durable plastic to keep your documents nice and crisp.  Goodbye Peachee, hello folder!

Uwagimaya is a Seattle legend.  A family run business since the Moriguchi family moved here in 1928, and after years of selling fish cakes out of a truck, then time in an internment camp, they started a full operation in South Seattle providing Japanese food items and gifts.  Their successful business now operates a huge store in the International District of Seattle providing kitchen ware, floral displays, bookstore, meat, seafood, clothing, groceries, fine artwork and fabrics.  It is hard to just go for a quick browse in this store because it is so full of amazing wonders around each corner.  I was happy to find one of my favorite Indian simmer sauces just a few weeks ago that I used to purchase in London!  Really they’ve got it all.

If you’re trying to get motivated to write a book, a letter or just update your pen collection, make a stop here!  You’ll shop all along the way and I guarantee you won’t be upset at loosing an hour or two in the Uwagimaya Village!  Stay for lunch while you’re at it!





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