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by Emily on May 17, 2012

We had the opportunity last week to spend some time hearing about the exciting horizon for the PEPS organization here in Seattle area and I thought it would be fun to share.

What is PEPS?  The Program for Early Parent Support has been providing Seattle area families with communities of parents of young children with mutual and educational support for nearly 30 years.  Their vision is to create communities in which:

  • No new parent feels isolated, ill-equipped, overwhelmed, unsupported, or insecure.
  • All parents develop the confidence to build strong, healthy families.
  • All children grow up in a social environment that allows them to thrive.

I joined PEPS when Pip was 4 months old and joined a day-time group of about 11 other mothers with babes all within about 3 months of Pip’s age.  For me, PEPS started as a journey in just getting myself out of the house and somewhere on-time.  Some days I had time to shower and some days I was in sweat pants.  But what was a miracle of getting out of the house, turned into a special bond with other mothers who were right along with me trying to do the same thing.  Each week, our leader would start us off sharing the highs and lows of the week and then begin a topic essential to our timing as new mothers whether it was about the post baby blues, breastfeeding, child development, health and safety and many more.

The beauty of PEPS and the way they’ve organized their groups is that there is so much flexibility for families to be able to join.  They have groups for the mothers who are home, the fathers who are the primary caregiver (NEW), evening meetings for couples, daytime meetings for mothers with 2 children under the age of 3 and then the 2nd time around mother with a child over 3.  They are also expanding into some wonderful new neighborhoods each year so check to see if they’re near you!

PEPS Video

If you’re expecting in the Seattle area, or have a wee one at home, or know a friend that’s expecting, PEPS is a wonderful organization.  They don’t leave any family stranded in the new world of parenthood either so if you need financial assistance, they offer both partial and full scholarships.

Friendships through PEPS have been a lifesaver for many families and even when the group has been dismissed, they continue to get together to share in birthdays, important family events and holidays!

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