The Color Run Recap

by Andrea on May 24, 2012

A few months back, I mentioned that I had learned about the Color Run coming to Seattle.  Man, was this one popular race.  I put together my team of eight lovely women and come day of registration, two of us got in. Seriously.  Apparently, Seattle set the record for selling out the quickest of all Color Runs… it was less than three hours. I was having seriously flashbacks to trying to score Pearl Jam tickets through Ten Club: refresh, refresh, refresh.

Fortunately, closer to the run, they opened up more spots so our dynamic duo became a stupendous sixtuplet.  Here we are, all beautiful and in the requested white.

Seattle’s race took place on Mother’s Day, and we were looking at a high of 80+ degrees that day.  Halleluja! I kid you not, we lined up in the sun at 8 am, and I was sweating.  Just standing there and totally sweating. Perhaps it was the excitement of the sea of 7000 white clad runners, or that I was hanging out with some pretty rad ladies, but I was sweating.

They sent us off in waves of 1000, from the start at the Seattle Center.  Once we started running it was pretty neat.  Those Color Run organizers did a good job putting this race together.  They clearly know what they are doing!  At every kilometer, we would run through a chute of color.

Volunteers would stand on either side of the street and ‘squirt’ color powder at you.  I say squirt because it was done with squirt bottles, but the substance was a dry powder.  Us Seattlites apparently wanted to be very polite and very colorful, so people would line up in an orderly fashion on either side of street and walk through the color chute.  I’m sure the intention was to have the crowd just run through, but that wasn’t happening in our fair city.

The route was fairly easy with manageable uphills and downhills throughout the course.  The only major hill that caused a little burn was at the very end.  At that point though, you could see the end, so it didn’t really matter.

After crossing the finish line, the runners gathered at the Flag Pavilion lawn and threw up the color packets that we’d been given in our packets.  It looked something like this!

Overall, it was great fun (the weather couldn’t have been better) and our team, with some novice 5K runners, finished strong.  I highly HIGHLY recommend this race and am looking forward to next year’s Color Run.  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that it was a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House.  Double thumbs up!

I figure, if you are going to get out there and run, you might as well run at the fun runs and races that have something more interesting going on than just a start and finish. Right?

Here we are post run – looking quite different than when it all began!

first two photos via Jkitch, all others via Sozinho Imagery

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