Toddler Time: Splashy Pool!

by Emily on May 9, 2012

If you’re a Seattle local, you might know about the splishy, splashy, squirty pool in Lynnwood.  It’s a favorite of Pip’s if we’re going to do a family swimming outing.  Last Spring, the City of Lynnwood  completed a $25 million renovation of the Pool & Recreation center and the outcome is spectacular.  As a competitive swimmer growing up, Lynnwood was a slightly sad pool for swim meets but the facility can now hold lots of swimmers, fitness groups and more!  The competitive lap pools are separate from the toddler area, lazy river and water slides (yep, you read that right…one body slide and 1 inner tube slide).

I hear the swimming lessons are fantastic and very hard to get into.  You can tell from the photo above that there’s a lot of squirty water going on.  It’s hard to show exactly all the commotion on the blue play structure but your little one will be on sensory overload at the site of the pool in action.

Here’s the toddler beach area without the water going…

The slides from the blue structure are just great.  When a little one, about the size of Pip, lands at the bottom the water only comes up to their chest so it’s not a scary experience of going underwater.  Because of the popularity of this pool with the kids, we usually try to go early in the morning to avoid the rush.  If the splashy, squirty structures look to intimidating, go extra early, before 9 am because they haven’t turned the extra water on yet.

This is a wonderful, local resource for families to expose their little ones to water, splashing and fun!  Go give it a try!

Fun times!  You might remember, we’ve got ourselves a water baby!

images 1&2 via Lynnwood Today

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