When Injury Strikes

by Emily on May 15, 2012

You probably know the sinking feeling you feel when a little ones cries out in pain.  Ouch.  Last night the cry came loud and clear and I’m not sure if it hurt Mommy or Pip worse.  In a very last attempt to stay awake and make a final potty stop, Pip ventured into the bathroom with “her big girl self.”  And then on the final step, she kicked/stubbed the flooring strip between hardwood and linoleum.  Not sure how her big toe hit exactly but it was a hard enough impact to rip off a good chunk of her nail and split open a very bloody cut.

Oh dear….initial reaction when straight to the thought of stitches and thinking of my last ordeal.  But then my next thought was to ask myself if I was equipped to deal with this little blood bath??

I remember how much fun it was preparing for a first aid kit fit for a baby prior to Pip’s arrival but not sure I’ve kept it up for the woes of toddler pain.   Fortunately for a small surgery last winter, I had gauze, tape, neosporin and a Tinkerbell band-aid to make it through the first half of the nearly sleepless night.

So, I’m wondering, what do you keep in your first aid kit for the little injuries that sneak up upon us?  I think I need to spend some time re-doing mine!

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