You’ve Gotta Watch: Being Elmo

by Emily on May 29, 2012

Elmo?  Have you heard of that little guy?  Yes the one that nearly every toddler is infatuated with.  Elmo really is a phenomenon.  Lil Pip had barely even seen Elmo and fell madly in love.  What a gentle little creature full of good advice!  Well, now that your toddler is hooked, let’s hook Mom & Dad, Auntie & Uncle, Grandma & Grandpa too….you’ve gotta watch “Being Elmo.”

This wonderful documentary showcases the man behind Elmo, Kevin Clash.  He has a remarkable journey as a young boy who knew he wanted to work with puppets in his future.  I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that must have been to explain to career counselors, teachers, friends, etc as a teenage boy.  But Kevin stayed true to himself and his journey and created the most admired puppet of all time….Elmo.

After winning accolades beyond measure, this documentary film is a joy to watch.  Check out the trailer….

And if you haven’t seen it on your local PBS listing, there is instant play on Netflix & iTunes now!





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