Bits & Bobs We ♥: WINNING!

by Andrea on June 11, 2012

I just had a date with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses, Shawn Kemp of the Sonics, and Kevin Calabro the voice of the Sonics.  How’s that for a hot date and some name dropping?!  Luckily for Brian, he was with me at the first of our local ESPN radio’s ‘Rock Meets Jock Sessions.’

Brian loves anything Pearl Jam related and spent the better part of last week trying to win or thinking about winning tickets to this event.  The radio station was giving away pairs of tickets every hour.  The only way to get into the event was to either win tickets OR be one of the aforementioned folks’ guests. After a week of trying, Brian enlisted me in trying to win. And guess what, I won on my very first try! WINNING!  I was excited, but I knew Brian would be really excited.

We just got home, and the event was pretty fun.  It was a live interview at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe, and in addition to the session participants, they also had Gary Payton from the Sonics call in.  The Sonics-loving basketball-craving audience was going crazy reminiscing about the past legacy. Three fun gems from the conversation: (1) Shawn Kemp went to Pearl Jam shows in the 90s and wanted to crowd surf but never got the chance.  Wouldn’t that be a sight?  He is a big guy!  (2) When asked who they are mistaken for in public, Duff said David Bowie and Mike said Brad Pitt. (giggle)  (3) When asked about starting a fashion movement in the 90s, Mike said it wasn’t their intention. They were just wearing what they had, and in fact, on their first European tour, Eddie Vedder had just two pairs of shorts and two shirts with him.

I should see if there is a streak to this WINNING thing and find something a little more girly to win.  It couldn’t hurt to try, right?


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