Blog Fav: Honest Toddler

by Emily on June 8, 2012

Thank you Facebook & friends for sharing a blog post that might trump all other humorous blog fav’s I’ve completed.  I laughed, hard, I cried, I brought Sid over to make sure I wasn’t being too crazy then watched as he laughed, maybe even harder than me, then quickly started wiping the tears running down his face as we both fell into fits of laughter.  Only trying to hush ourselves because Pip is still talking to her bunny at 9:30pm and we’d like her to go to sleep!

Honest Toddler is the most genius toddler I’ve ever read.  In Sid’s words, this is my new favorite blog.  If you want a daily dose of pure laughter and can relate to the emotions, routine and look a toddler can give, you will understand this lovely little human. The posts all come in the voice of an outgoing, humorous and incredibly intelligent toddler calling all the shots.  You won’t be able to stop reading – so dive in during a lunch break, over coffee or fingers crossed a nap-break!

This is the post that I started with……“I’m Sorry.”  While I admit we haven’t had to wake in the night for a LONG time unless it’s due to illness, our trouble lies in the “dance” of getting to sleep.  How many times do I need to put your PJ’s back on you because you shouldn’t really sleep naked in the cold house? Oh wait, there’s an insightful post for that too here.

Then I just couldn’t stop reading or laughing.  So I just about fell out of my chair laughing at this….. “The Truth About Car Sleep.”  This is so, so, so our life.

Then, I literally lost it when I saw the next post.  Why?  Because a friend told us about this and we’ve done it.  Never thought how it might look to Pip.  We called it Spider Noodles, Honest Toddler refers to it as “Pinterest Hot Dog Worms.”  Oh my so true!

The list could go on….so for this week I urge you to sit down and enjoy some great toddler talk.  My dad says I laugh at anything but this is really funny, I promise!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!





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