Clear the Clutter!

by Emily on June 20, 2012

Maybe it’s the two-day break from school before our final school day of the year, but I woke up ready to take on a challenge!  That challenge was the clutter that has swept our house into a state of rubble! This is what I feel like our house looks like this week…without all the pretty rainbow colors.

After the initial push to move forward and clear out the clutter, I made some huge progress with only some slight distractions (good ones of course with Pip)!  Lucky for me, she was in the very happy state to play with her doll while I worked some magic in some key areas.

The most intimidating task for me was the bathroom.  I found that bottles of shampoo, lotion, medicine were scattered on all shelves and drawers which tends to drive me and my loved ones looking for those supplies, CRAZY!  And after giving a real hard look at some of the supplies I was holding onto, I organized the inventory and gladly had almost 3/4 of a garbage bag (the big kitchen sized) full of trash along with a tub full of recyclable bottles!  Yippee!

So, it may have taken me awhile to check in with OLG today, but I made some progress with some early summer chores that will help as we jump full force into the busy days of summer just ahead!  Anyone else got the clutter blues?  Or the cleaning kick?

Found this as a bit of my clutter mantra…

Maybe this will help for you too!  Do you have a website/blog/list-maker that you use to check those pesky chores off your list?

Enjoy the summer solstice and hope your day was as productive as mine was!

images via Pinterest

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