It’s the Small Things

by Emily on June 14, 2012

It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that I was feeling the Back-to-School-Vibe and all the energy and excitement in the air.  Well that vibe has turned to summer chaos around campus and thanks to a snowy winter, we’ll be in school for one more week.  On a positive note, even the students that look at you with super grumpy expressions during the year (mind you, I work with teenagers), all seem to come around and make comments about how they liked my class.  These are the comments that make me happy and make me wanting to feel that vibe come September!

There was one random act of kindness today that left me speechless and almost in tears.  I have a senior who is an exchange student from Ecuador and while the semester revealed that this quiet, patient but very intelligent student was curious in class, I also learned that he was a tennis star.  Even though we had fun talking about his home country and the differences he sees, it was the spark in his eye when he talked about playing tennis here in America that lite up his world.

As he is working through the emotions and feelings of either not wanting/or wanting to head home in 10 short days, he was kind enough to visit today and give me a gift.  I do believe the bracelet he gave me was an authentic Ecuadorian piece made of beautiful wood and beads, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he picked it up at Goodwill on his way to school today.  For last week, I had my entire jewelry box stolen out of our house and lost everything I have collected since I can remember.  Him giving me this piece of jewelry today was maybe more emotional to me than the thought of all of it being gone.  I didn’t tell my students that I had lost this jewelry in such a senseless act of crime because I didn’t want them to worry.  This bracelet made me so at peace and I will forever be thankful for those small things that students can do that just make me happy that I do what I do, however un-interesting to some, or tiny a piece in their puzzle of life.

So, just remember, like the quote above “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Thanks class of 2012 for a good year and to all the underclassmen, we’ll be seeing you shortly in September.  Oh…and I’d really like to visit Ecuador.

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