Mexican Fare-Rosita’s

by Emily on June 6, 2012

I’m a huge fan of Mexican food.  I could eat it almost everyday!  It’s something my Mom joked about with my brother and I our entire lives.  She could make tacos every night and we’d be happy kids.  Well, our lust for that has continued and while I do love to explore new items on menus, I’m also a fan of the good ol’ favorites.  I’ve got a growing list of Seattle favorite Mexican restaurants and you could call me any day of the week and I’d be happy to go!

One local restaurant to us is Rosita’s Mexican Grill in the Greenlake neighborhood.  It’s a great family dining environment, complete with the sombrero, tambourines & castanets if it’s your birthday.  I have two absolute favorites with this restaurant.

1)  During the evening dinner hours, they offer FREE homemade, straight-off-the-grill tortillas that traditionally are made by the same beautiful lady for years!  She’ll ask if you would like butter or salsa…or both and then you take one bite and realize you could eat these all night just like that without even ordering food.  Well don’t sell yourself short because dinner is divine!  Sid likes these so much that he usually gets one to-go on his way out the door.  They’re that good…even when you’re full you want to have just one more.

2) My second favorite is offered anytime of day along with the complimentary chips & salsa. It’s the green salsa.  It is just the most perfect green salsa I’ve ever tasted…and I’ve tried a lot.  Not only can you nibble on it as you wait for your meal, but you can also buy it, by the PINT to-go!  Love, love, love that green stuff!

I highly recommend you give Rosita’s a try.  The main courses are great and it doesn’t feel like you’re just having a quick fast-food meal that’s loaded with cheese.  It really feels authentic and varied.

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