Olympic Playmobil

by Emily on June 26, 2012

I think we’ve officially reached a new phase in imagination and self-play around our house.  The Mr and I took a trip to Vancouver, BC this week (more soon) to celebrate our anniversary and we brought back a little toy for Pip that we thought she’d like but didn’t know how crazy attached she could be in a matter of days.  Maybe it’s the “new-ness” that hasn’t worn off, but she has exclusively played with this toy since we’ve been home now.  What on earth am I talking about?  Playmobil….

Yes, the wild world of Playmobil!  I admit, they’re pretty darn cool.  Different from Lego’s or Polly Pocket, yet so very hip with the times.  Sid said that he collected a few different models of Playmobil in his youth but I never had any so this world is completely new to me.  Let’s take a tour shall we….

A German toy company, hit stores worldwide in 1975 and have been growing ever since.  They capture all aspects of current life (camping, vacations, everyday events, motherhood, the zoo) to historical figures (stone age, Egyptians, knights) to service folks (fire, police, dr’s, vet, port workers, top agents/spy’s) and then just plain old fantasy figures (dragons, fairy-land, future planet).  They also have a line that’s suited to the younger crowds.  Pip got one (called the 1,2,3 model) last Christmas but I think she’s now growing into the play idea.  When Sid saw some of these sets, I think he wanted to start constructing for himself.  I’m envisioning a lot of floor play with kiddo’s and Dad in our future!  Fun stuff!

Western Round-up

School Time


But here’s where it gets exciting folks…hold your hats!  Playmobil has just launched this June a line of Olympic figurines for many of the sports competitions!  We couldn’t resist this first one….

Biker Dude!

There are quite a few in the Track & Field category

Swimmer Girl!

Aren’t they fun?

While we found these in a little toy shop in Vancouver, the US Playmobil site features these little cuties under their High Performance Athletes section.  I really like that they’re pretty good at balancing the gender roles too.  The detail on some of the sets is just incredible.  I’m really excited about the Olympics one though.  Careful with the older-child sets though because the one we got has some incredibly small pieces that made Grandma wince!

Have fun playing around…whether it’s Mom or Dad collecting these gems or your little one!  No one’s judging here!

all images via Playmobil

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