Rumor Has It

by Andrea on June 5, 2012

Emily and I have mentioned once or four times on this blog how we would like to go to Home Goods.  The closest Home Goods to us is in Portland, so we plot and plan elusive trips to Portland that never materialize.  You’d think we were trying to take a week vacation to Paris or Bangkok,  and not just driving south for three hours.  Alas, our dreamy girl weekends, daytrips, or even overnights with Mo and Pip don’t happen. If we’re to be honest with ourselves, we want to go to Portland and spend time together, but we REALLY want to step foot in a Home Goods store.  Believe you me, we’ve built it up in our heads to be the dreamiest place on earth.

For those of you also living in states sans Home Goods, it’s a Marshalls or TJ Maxx but devoted to home decor and furniture, or so I’ve read.  (I KNOW!) For us economical girls, it sounds totally dreamy. Just think of the vases, trays, chairs, pillows, rugs, or lamps that we can get for a reasonable price.

Well, thanks to hot tipper Maria, today I was informed that HOME GOODS IS COMING TO WASHINGTON!  And it’s coming this month no less.  A quick search online confirmed that as of June 24, we just have to drive 15 minutes north to finally experience it.  (I *may* have already set up Mo care with Brian, so that I can go and wander around with a frou frou coffee drink to my heart’s content.)

Their slogan appears to be ‘Be Home Goods Happy’… I can’t wait!

images via Home Goods

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