Summer Living

by Andrea on June 7, 2012

It’s June, and I’m ready to welcome in Summer.  I came home last night to find Mo and Brian up past Mo’s bedtime and still eating dinner.  Brian, justifiably, said that it was too light out to put the little man done just yet.  Mo was perfectly happy to be up later, and we joked that it was his Summer hours.

In a similar embrace of Summer, I’ve found myself picking up an item here (plate below) or there (tealights below) and looking forward to many an outdoor meal this Summer.  That is one thing that I love about Emily and her family, the second it is warm enough to be outside comfortably with a sweater on, they basically eat outside every night unless it rains.  That is my goal this Summer.

AND because it’s fun to be surrounded by cute colorful goodies, I’ve put together a little collection for you to help spruce up your outdoor collection.

1. pink chair, orange chair // 2. table umbrella // 3. plastic wine glass, flatware, placemat, plate, napkin // 4. outdoor beanbag // 5. hammock // 6. tealights // 7. the most beautiful grill that I’ve ever seen in my entire life


Wishing you many an outdoor meal this Summer!  Enjoy!

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