Summer, Summer, Summertime…

by Andrea on June 13, 2012

…I just sit back and unwind.

Ah, thanks Will Smith for setting the mood.  In case you haven’t heard, Summer is HERE!  I had a momentary anxiety attack this weekend when I realized that June was basically ‘over’ given my upcoming schedule. That coupled with the fact that I had nothing to show for it meant that one of my Summer months was gone.

I had told myself that this Summer would be fun, and we’d get to do fun things as a family AND I’d get to tackle some of the fun projects that I’ve been putting off.  (I know that is not a grammatically correct sentence, but that was how my brain was going: and AND AND…)  For a little inspiration on how to organize my thoughts and ideas, I turned to Pinterest and found some clever suggestions. They are pretty, clever, fun, interactive, and even inspirational; it just depends on your style.

This one is my favorite and would be great to feature in your kitchen or living room. I love the color and photos.

This one is cute and reusable from year to year.

Up next is a visually appealing one, but I’d substitute photos of the activity for the patterned paper.

This list would great for a family with older kids.

Finally, here’s a bucket for your bucket list.

Want more ideas?  I’ll be adding them as I come across them on my Summer List board. You can also find all of the original sources for the photos on the board.

Happy planning and more importantly, happy doing!


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